Settings for image editor

2 section on this panel.

Note: This section is available only if you are editing an image. If you are working on a blank canvas, the section will not be available since there is no background image.

Adjust manipulation image editor
Adjust image manipulation settings
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1) You can crop, resize or rotate your images easily from this section.

2) This section contains all image manipulation settings.

You can use ready to use image filters from Quick Filters tab or you can combine other filter settings such as gamma, contrast,saturation etc. to create an unique filter on your image.

Adjust image manipulation settings
Artboard 1 Play Video about Adjust image manipulation settings

Tips for Adjust Images Online

Photography and social media are two popular mediums for sharing content with the public. People use photographs to express ideas, emotions and memories.

Many social media users post images on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, some people have trouble using photographs on social media without making serious adjustments. That’s because these sites are primarily used by the general public; therefore, most users have personal preferences when it comes to using photos on the internet.

Many people tend to alter the way they appear online by editing their photos before posting them online.

This is due to the fact that many social media users expect content presented in a realistic manner. For example, they may not want to see an image of a model when viewing someone’s profile on Facebook or Twitter.

As another example, they may not want an image of themselves in an extravagant setting when viewing their account on Instagram. Instead, they may opt to post images of themselves in a more modest setting- whether at home or in public spaces such as parks or cafés.

Photo Frames

Comes with ready to use photo frames that you can add to your images easily. New frames are comign soon.

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You can use all brushes except eraser, to paint the canvas freely. You can use eraser brush to delete the selected portions..

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You can use the shapes on any part of your designs. Shapes are fully customizable. Use your imagination.

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