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Element library comes with carefully selected single color SVG graphics which are integrated with Palleon.

Elements in Images
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You can use elements to create attractive banners, social media posts, video thumbnails etc.

Tips for Working with Elements in Images

You can use lines in your images to tell a story through visuals, dialogue, symbolism and imagery.

A line can represent a path a person takes- from childhood to adulthood or from start to finish in life. It can also represent the path each person takes in life, whether it’s upward or downward.

A straight line can also represent a direct path in life while a curved one suggests uncertainty or deviation from a direct course. You can also use lines to imply dialogue between key people in an image; this gives depth to your images and makes them more realizable.

You can then supplement this dialogue with imagery that confirms the thoughts being expressed via the lines. This gives your images additional emotional resonance that enhances their impact on the viewer.

Elements is ideal for creating conceptual art using elements such as lines, colors, shapes and textures.

Emotional manipulations of these elements enhance your creations and make them more realizable by changing how people view them emotionally.

Additionally, using elements in images makes it easier for you to tell stories through layered imagery that adds depth and emotionality to your creations.


Comes with hundreds of multipurpose icons ready to use. You can also upload your custom SVG files to the canvas.

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You can use all brushes except eraser, to paint the canvas freely. You can use eraser brush to delete the selected portions..

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You can use ready to use image filters from Quick Filters tab or you can combine other filter settings.

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