Shapes manipulation image editor

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Shapes are useful elements that may help you to create contrast background for your texts or to create decorative patterns.

Shapes manipulation image editor
Shapes manipulation
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The customization settings will appear when you add or select a shape.

Tips for Working with Shapes in Images

Shape emphasis is an aspect of photo composition that can make an image look intentional or accidental.

It works by compressing the number of elements in an image to convey different messages. Strong shapes can make an image appear more striking and clear while weak shapes make an image look dull and unclear.

Elements with clear shape emphasis stand out and become easily noticed, while elements without much emphasis blend in with the background.

Shapes can be used to convey a lot of information in an image.

For example, a heart shape emphasizes love or friendship, while a square shape emphasizes geometry.

A circle shape emphasizes circularity or roundness and conveys similar emotions as the term ’round’ suggests.

A triangle’s primary function is to represent faith, but it also represents other things such as leadership and balance. Since they’re so versatile, shapes can help communicate nearly any message you want to send.

Images can have a strong or weak shape emphasis.

Strong shapes are bold and easily recognizable compared to the rest of the image. Weak shapes are faint and hard to tell from the background- this is called shape compression.

Essentially, strong shapes make an image clear and easy to understand, whereas weak shapes make it unclear and hard to notice. Stronger elements have higher compression, so they become less distinct as they lose emphasis.


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